Women Fitness:  Finding Your Fountain of Youth

What fountain of youth am I talking about?  Women fitness is the metaphorical access to aging gracefully.  In fact, I have two fitness coaches who were once asked if they were in their 30s.  They said, “No, we are in our forties.”  They do everything from female strength training to cardio exercise to core exercises.

You don’t have to

  • Be like a female body builder to look and feel great.
  • Spend hours in the gym.  Who has time for that?
  • Starve yourself to look and feel great.

What about female fitness for people like you and me?  If you are dealing with any of these scenarios…

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You come home from work, and there are a ton of things to do straightaway.  You might have the kids to greet, dinner to make, that phone call to return, or a pile of dirty dishes.


Exercise?  Who has time for exercise?  You are lucky if you can handle everything that needs to be done before your head hits the pillow that night.


Maybe you are that person who thinks about exercising, but somehow it just keeps getting put off.  You know you SHOULD do it.  There are those extra few pounds you want to lose.  So, you plan to get some exercise in after you get home from the office.

You get home, start talking on the phone, turn on the TV or get on the computer and before you know it, it is too late to get in a work out today.  Oh, well maybe next time.  But, next time stretches into days, weeks, and months.


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Maybe you know what exercises to do, and you just need a few tips to make sure you are doing the exercises right.

No worries…  My goal is to guide you through women fitness to the point that you can be in these types of scenarios…

You get up a little earlier than normal so you can get your workout in for the day before you head off to work.

Thirty minutes later, you are done for the day and you are ready to tackle your workday.

You head into work energized,alert, and productive.

You return home and you are a little more calm, centered, and happier.

Some of those extra pounds are coming off, and you have more energy even when you get home from the office.

You start paying attention to making healthier meals.

Maybe the first week or two you feel like crud while your body adjusts to the new and healthier fuel it is getting, but then you have a newfound vitality.

Even your family seems a little happier and more energetic as they are getting better and healthier meals.

And, if you have no kids?  Well, you have more energy to head off to that outing that you thought about attending.

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This site is about giving you the women fitness tips, techniques and tools to make a healthy new you.

Whether it is you want to lose some weight, maintain your level of fitness, or make sure you have a good quality of life long into your old age, there is something for everyone.

We are going on this journey together.  I will be sharing whatever tips I find along the way to make women fitness easier for all of us.

Sometimes I will share the things that

  • Make exercise effective.
  • Make exercise fun and enjoyable.
  • Are practical tips for diet and exercise

So, let’s kick start things off…

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